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We make your RELOCATION a good story

Whether it’s you or your company that needs to move, H.C. Andersens Flyttefirma is the company you need. We offer transparent and reasonable prices, high quality and excellent service. We will always go the extra mile and make sure that your relocation becomes a good story. We offer to take care of every aspect of your relocation – from packing and unpacking to cleaning – thus allowing you to leave behind any worries while you settle into your new home or office.

To make sure your relocation is a good story, you get:

  • The best prices on the market
  • Prices that are stable and fixed
  • Full guarantee on the quality of the work
  • Full guarantee on a completed project within the agreed time frame
  • Experienced and passionate workers


  • Packing and unpacking 
  • Handyman tasks
  • Equipment for packing and transportation
  • Professional guidance through our relocation consultant 
  • Temporary storage of your furniture 

Guarantees you can count on

We provide you with four guarantees that ensure that your renovation project is made into a good story.

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You never have to wait on late movers again. We are ALWAYS on time.

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You can rest assured that the relocation will be finished within the agreed timeframe.

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We set the price before you sign a contract, and you are guaranteed that it doesn’t change during the job.

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Top quality

You are always guaranteed top quality on the relocation, the service and our working conditions.

About us

H.C. Andersen’s Flyttefirma helps you with any kind of relocation you need – whether it’s for you or your business. You are ensured a great relocation every time you use our service. Our name is H.C. Andersen because we make your relocation into a good story. The service is of a high quality and the satisfaction of your personal wishes and needs is always the most important factor, when we measure the success of a job. So you are always more than welcome to get involved.

Part of the H.C. Andersen Koncernen

We are part of the H.C. Andersen Group which is a franchise business within the craft industry. All partners work independently, but never alone as there is interaction and collaboration between the partners in the group. Therefore, if you need help with other craftsmen services such as wooden terraces, floor sanding, repairment, painting etc., we can also help you. It makes sense to choose our company as all our partners are specialized in their field of craftsmanship, and we provide a wide range of services to satisfied customers. You can easily order a service from our partners and expect the same professional and extraordinary service from all of us. If you order more services spread across our partners, you’ll receive a very attractive price and avoid having to communicate with lots of other companies.


Moving far from where you are currently living, naturally involves more planning than if you were moving to a new home in your neighbourhood. Especially if it involves moving to another country. This can be an overwhelming project, especially if you are also juggling your work and family at the same time.

Here are our top tips for relocating in the most stress-free way possible:

  1. Find out where you are moving to. No matter whether this is from one part to another within your country, or even abroad, this tip for relocating is very helpful; get in touch with some people who already live where you are moving. You can find a lot of information in local groups on Facebook and if it’s a big city, there will most likely be a group for expats and/or newcomers. People in these groups can be very helpful in your planning as they have gone through the same when they relocated to the area.
  2. Research long-distance moving companies. Make sure they offer cross-country relocation services and that they have good reviews when it comes to this. A usual moving company might be great for local moves, but long distance requires more planning and expertise. Especially if the move requires transporting your goods by air or sea, it is extremely important the moving company has the right contacts and knows the restrictions, and best-practices there might be for that particular country.
  3. Contact 2-3 moving companies and get them to give you an offer with everything included. Before you accept an offer, you should meet one of the removalists and have them give you a full relocation plan, so you know exactly how they are going to go about the move and what to expect.
  4. The reason for hiring relocation companies is to take away some of the stress regarding the extensive planning but also due to the long-distance transportation; therefore they should be able to transport all your belongings at once.


These are our best tips when it comes to moving to places that are more than 200 km from your current home. H.C. Andersens Flyttefirma are specialists in long-distance moves and relocations overseas. We move for clients to all European countries on a regular basis but have also done relocations from Denmark to North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


We are experienced and professional movers who believe that no task is too small or big. We are ready to help you with the right solution so you can meet your wishes and needs.

Are you still not convinced, in doubt or do you have in-depth questions? Then contact us on our phone +45 28 88 88 80 or through our contact form on this page and learn more about how you can save time and money with our high-quality relocation.


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